By TOROSSIAN: Jews Can Live Anywhere They Choose

Ben Shapiro's Truth Revolt

Imagine the world outrage if there were protests from foreign governments, or locals about white people moving into Harlem.  Imagine if black people moved into Dublin, Ireland and they were stoned when they entered the homes which they legally bought. This week, Jews in Israel moved into 25 apartments in Eastern Jerusalem, and the world was outraged. The homes were legally bought, yet the new residents of the oldest Jewish city in the world had to be guarded by police due to Palestinian Arab "outrage." 

Anywhere else in the world, people would stand with families who bought a home and seek to live in that home without violence.  Of course, for the Jewish people, "normal" rules have never applied. Jews can buy homes anywhere they want in New York City, in Moscow, in Tokyo, in Paris - so why not anywhere they choose in the Middle East? While Arabs live freely in the State of Israel, why is it that Jews aren't permitted in nearly every Arab country?

When the US State Department of the Obama administration says it "does not accept the legitimacy" of Jews living in certain areas, that is simple racism and hatred. Christians and Muslims can live in a certain area but Jews cannot? Cherna Moskowitz, a prominent Jewish philanthropist spoke of this condemnation clearly on a previous occurrence, "It seems to be a continuation of a 2,000-year-old habit of Jews being told where they can and cannot live. This spanned from the ghettos of medieval Europe, to severe zoning restrictions in czarist Russia and finally to the edicts of Nazism, where we were eventually told that we could not live at all. Can it be possible that we will accept any part of that today in our own nation? Jews should be able to live anywhere in the world."