Reply to Israel bashers from an alarmed Catholic person

Read the response to Yaakov Yosef's letter to the editor of the New York Times, which published “How Israel Silences Dissent”:

Yaakov Yosef

September 28, 2014, 9:59 pm

To be fair, it is problematic to contrast us to Egypt and Libya (Libya which saw only 43 protesters killed) while only eight weeks ago we killed over 2,000 people in Gaza, over half of which were civilians even by IDF count.

Further, while we in Israel have the privilege of criticizing our government, nonviolent Palestinian protest is severely limited by Israel and frequently results in arrest. This has been the case for decades. I wish it weren’t true.

And maybe Zonszein brings these things up for the same reason I do– as constructive criticism. I’m an ardent Zionist and have served my time in the IDF just like everyone else.

This is the time to hold ourselves to a higher standard than the nations around us, especially if we want to bill ourselves as morally superior, and rather than point fingers back at those criticizing us maybe we should try to actually differentiate ourselves from those countries we don’t want to be associated with.

Reply to all the Israel bashers from an alarmed Catholic person:

  1. Do you live in Israel?  If you don’t -then shut up- and let them govern their own country. It is very easy to criticize from the comfort of your home.
  2. Are you a Jew?  If so, they why add to the criticism? Isn’t there enough?  If you want to compare  Israel and the US on morality you’ll see which nation is superior. FDR????
  3. Mr. Yosef, “we” are not dealing with “ pointing fingers.”    “We” are dealing with radical Islamists aiming rockets and guns, and tunneling into the heart of Israel.  “We” are dealing with rape, terror, and beheadings as a means of warfare.  Can you honestly compare the Palestinian and the Israeli treatment? You know that  if you even make a gesture that resembles a “gun” in a school, it has to be reported to the police. (I know I’ve had to do it.) Sorry, If a “Palestinian” even motioned “non-violently” I would be suspect.  You’re talking about Jihadists here!  Sorry, I would have them arrested too.  If they are unhappy in Israel, then “they” can go to Gaza where they will be treated better.
  4. I say “we” because “we” are dealing with radical Islamists that hate Americans! Radical Islam is not just an Israeli or Jewish issue! They want to kill us!!
  5. Before criticizing Israel, please talk with a Shoah survivor. 
  6. Before making statements about the “poor Palestinians”, please review your history. There is a reason the situation is what it is. The PA wants it that way.
  7. You do not have to agree with everything your government does. However, instead of magnifying flaws you should be working on a unified front with your fellow JEWS. You should be celebrating all of the good Israel brings to the world and putting THAT in the media.  There is so much more GOOD to talk about than bad when it comes to ISRAEL. So how about speaking up about some of her positive attributes and contributions to this world. …Because most AMERICANS have no IDEA!!!!