Mosaic Magazine: Hamas, Civilian casualties, Rav Kook, Israel's diplomacy

Reconstruction Funds Will Help Hamas Prepare for Its Next War

Without assurance that Hamas will disarm, what's the point? Khaled Abu Toameh.

2. State Department Hypocrisy on Civilian Casualties

It holds Israel to a higher standard than it does the U.S. Roger L. Simon.

3. John Patterson, the (Non-Jewish) Lion Hunter of Judah

A British philo-Semite who led the Zion Mule Corps. Natan Slifkin.

4. Mystic, Messianist, and Modernizer: The Legacy of Rav Kook

An essay on Yehudah Mirsky's recent biography. Samuel Thrope.

5. The Problem with Israel’s Public Diplomacy

"Our real problem is our desire to be loved." Noga Arbell.