Comments from a friend

Facts are simply being ignored as if they don't exist, or denied on the grounds that those who bring them forward are either evil or deranged.

The truth is being hijacked, under the left wing.

 American values should stem from our religious roots, which we have lost.

Western civilization should be grounded in religion and concerned with the erosion of religious observance.  Secular ideologies such as materialism, environmentalism, and  scientism are governing our country. Humanity is dying.

We are accepting a false narrative on Israel. The truth is inside out. 

I will not deny that I am obsessive about things-but the world is obsessive about Israel's behavior. Why the magnifying glass? 

Furthermore, why does Europe view her intrinsically illegitimate? The creation of Israel was not Holocaust guilt. Judaism is a religion of people and a land, historically.

I am trying to understand this mass derangement of rationality. Israel's existence is the cause of Muslim rage against the West? The Israeli Palestinian conflict is responsible for ISIS?

Freedom is a threat to Islam.  So any ideas of liberty, equal rights, tolerance; essentially democracy can't exist. How is a two state solution is going to work. Jews certainly won"t be able to live in Palestine, yet the Palestinian can live in Israel.

Israel is a democracy. With freedom as a threat to Islam the analogy that Israel is the "little Satan" and we are the "big Satan" makes perfect sense.  The attacks in Jerusalem are a microcosm of what is going to be happening here if we don't wake up. 

Are we looking at what is behind the banners of "Free Palestine"? I'll tell you; those who believe in the subservience of women, executing homosexuals, Islamist terrorism, and virulent Jew hatred. How is that aligned with the"left's values"? 

Reason and logic have been exiled in favor of irrationality and prejudice (antisemitism).

So the world has fallen off its axis. I attribute it to a steady loss of faith in God.  "Christianity and the Hebrew Bible gave us the concepts of reason, progress and an orderly world."

excerpts from M Phillips