Hillel on College Campuses: Needs attention


I have posted a lot of information about Princeton University and the fact that programs open to town and gown have been at worst SPME and at best J Street (see the film, J Street Challenge) . Somehow, Ambassador Prosor was uninvited and my salon meeting for JNF was cancelled as a result. However, Richard Falk and other anti-Israel activists gave  well attended talks at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University. You can read articles about the situation on my website (www.drnaomionisrael.com) as well as in The Jewish News. It seems only people who are far left and left are invited to the campus, see below for an email from Rabbi Roth of CJL.

I would love to be able to show students and faculty the gifts that Israel gives to the world.

In my opinion, the current situation at Princeton University has developed after years of propaganda, funded by oil money and supported by an un-holy alliance of the far left with Islamists, (see "The Third Jihad" and "Iranium" )

This summer, he march of 500 racists marching down the main street of my town screaming, "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free", shook me up. This is what happens when people only hear from CNN, NY Times, in their synagogues, churches and schools... Israel is to blame for the unrest in the Middle East and for the on-going conflict between Jews and Arabs who do not seek a "2 state solution"; they want to kill another 6 million Jews by wiping Israel off the map. (Read "MEMRI.org) I have met with Rabbi Roth along with leaders of organizations who want to do programming at Princeton University.We failed.

These are my recommendations:

Alumni who support Princeton CJL and Princeton who are Zionists need to divert their support to set up new programming. We need to teach history; there are facts and there are lies. There are many good courses by JerusalemU.com.

Organizations (JNF, AFPT, AIPAC, CAMERA, AFSI, ZOA, Stand with Us.....)involved with students need to work together to take back Princeton from J Street, SPME and others who do not support Israel. 


 Rabbi Julie Roth, Executive Director

The Center for Jewish Life-Hillel at Princeton University

A faculty petition, calling for University divestment from companies that contribute to or profit from business operations in the West Bank, was published as an advertisement in the November 5th edition of The Daily Princetonian.

The staff and Board of Directors of the Center for Jewish Life are working with students, faculty, alumni, parents, Hillel International, Chabad at Princeton, and local Jewish communal organizations to respond to this petition. I am confident that we are taking the best, positive strategic approach to defeat this action. We are grateful to all of our partners for their support.

An ad prepared by our student leaders that contains over 300 signatures of their peers appears in today's Daily Princetonian.  Our student engagement interns are talking one-on-one with students in the residential colleges and over coffee to help ensure that every Jewish student at Princeton feels comfortable with his or her Jewish identity and safe to express their feelings about Israel.

A faculty and alumni response will also appear in The Daily Princetonian early next week.  

These activities are taking place within the larger context of a semester filled with incredible programs sponsored by the CJL.  Shabbat dinners continue to exceed the capacity of our dining hall.  Our educational and social justice programs are engaging a wide range of students from across campus.  In the coming month, the CJL will be welcoming The Maccabeats, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, global poverty activitist Ruth Messinger and Middle East expert Dennis Ross to campus for special student and community events.

If you wish to join the response to the faculty divestment petition, please send your name, class year (for alumni) or student's class year (for parents) toPrincetonAlumniAgainstBDS@gmail.com. I also encourage you to stay informed about the CJL's activities at Princeton by visiting our website.