Having succeeded at universities, Israel haters move to H.S.


The founders of a local Palestine Solidarity Committee in Washington State are peddling a new curriculum for teaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to secondary-school students. They have appeared at several teachers’ conferences and claim that their program has been adopted by at least three schools. The teaching materials include a gamut of anti-Israel propaganda, Edward Alexander writes, wrapped in a brazen appropriation of the Holocaust:

The tawdry character of [this] curriculum is inherent in its bizarre title: “The Palestine Teaching Trunk.” Its designers noticed that the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center had packaged materials relating to the Holocaust in one of the trunks used by Jews who were shipped off to the death camps of Europe. But how dare the Jews monopolize all that beautiful Holocaust suffering, which other groups, and none more so than the Palestinian Arabs, would very much like, ex-post-facto, to claim for themselves? And so it came to pass that [the designers of the curriculum] collected their own CDs and sacred relics of the “Palestinian cause” into an online “trunk.”