Mosaic Magazine: Why have PA rejected all offers of peace?

1. Why Have Palestinian Leaders Rejected All Offers of Peace?

“Resistance should continue until all of historic Palestine is liberated.” Jeff Robbins.

2.  Iran Is Stepping up Its Arming of Hamas and Hizballah, in Preparation for War with Israel

Part of its plan to encircle Israel from the north, south, and east. Michael Segall.

3. A 1,600-Year-Old Menorah Bracelet Discovered in Northern Israel

The beautiful find bears an inscription of a seven-branched menorah. Daniel Eisenbud.

4. The Nazi War on Western Civilization

Aurel Kolnai, the man who understood the true goals behind Nazi ideology. Daniel Johnson.

5. A New Depth of Anti-Israel Hypocrisy at NYU

A group of professors demands divestment from Israel. Jonathan Marks.