To those so sympathetic to the Palestinian narrative I say this:

From a Friend:

My mother always told me, to take care of myself first, and then others. 
You cannot help another if you yourself are not well. 

Friends, I ask, do you think Israel is well? 

Do you think the Jewish state is safe, and sovereign ?
I think not. Please save the Jewish state first. Please save yourselves. It is within the Jewish state that democracy will flourish. It is within the Jewish state that a pluralistic society can exist. Yet in the media Israel, is apartheid. In the media Israel is demonized. Where is the defense? Students, how can you allow these criticisms? Defend yourselves first. Then worry about helping your neighbor. 

How many of Israel's neighbors have opened their doors to the Palestinian refugee? 
Would giving all of the Jewish state to Allah or the Muslim Brootherhood really solve anything? Is this about LAND? 

What if we gave the Muslims our heart on a platter. Give them Jerusalem. Would a Jew be free to worship there? 

My friends, this is not about LAND. It is not about a Palestinian state. It is about hate. 

Have you not noticed the rise of antisemitic behavior in Europe, and here at home?
The dark clouds of antisemitism are obscuring the radiant stars of love! Our neighbors, our loved ones, are living in fear drenched communities! 

Fear. Slaughter. Murder. Jihadists. 

You must forgive your elders that are so sensitive to criticism, for they have experienced a level of hatred once thought unimaginable.

One day we will recognize life's real heroes. Until then my soul will not rest.

Fellow citizens that hear the mournful wail of millions, please faithfully remember your history. 

Friends that subscribe to the " grand illuminated temple of liberty" are you deaf to the inhumane mockery? Are you blind to the sacrilegious irony of the slaughtered rabbis and murdered innocence?

Bleeding children of sorrow; read your history books from cover to cover.

Once again the conscience of the nation must be roused.

The opening lines of the Declaration of Independence provide one of our most Important moral anchors. If we truly hold these liberties to be gifts from God, we realize the moral duty to RESPECT, PRESERVE, and DEFEND those rights for others. 


Read Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln , Martin Luther King JR. 

" This nation cannot survive half SLAVE and half FREE" Abe Lincoln

DEFEND the Jewish state!

"We hold truths to be so self-evident, that all are created equal.......So the question is NOT whether we will be extremists , but what kind of extremists will we be. Will we be extremists for hate or for love?
Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or the extension of justice?
Words of 
Martin Luther king Jr. An extremist.

DEFEND the Jewish State. Defend Israel. Be an extremist.