I Started this Blog Because I Love Israel, by Dr. Naomi

I appreciate the sacrifices that Israelis continue to make to ensure the safety of the Jewish people of the Diaspora and Israel. I appreciate the freedom I have had growing up as a Jew in the US. I love my family, the Jewish people and Israel. Israel is amazing!  A tiny young country with refugees from all over the world that has given the world so much. When people  talk about Israel's "mistakes", I think of the US and the very large mistakes we made in the 1930's and 1940's. 

70 years ago, on the day after Passover ended, my family went from freedom to slavery. My father entered Auschwitz and was tattooed on D-Day.  Why weren't the people warned? Why weren't the trains, tracks and crematoria bombed? The Jewish leadership of the US, our state department, President Roosevelt, and the government of England knew. Approximately 550,000 Hungarian Jews were murdered between May 1944 and the end of the war. When you look at me, think of my brother murdered with his mother when he was five years old. 

I am a Jewish refugee. My family lost their lives, health, wealth, businesses, homes, language, culture,  and in many cases their faith in God and in humanity. The history of Czechoslovakia is something that no Jew can forget. When the mountainous border of Sudetenland was given to Germany; the war was over for Czechoslovakia. Judea and Samaria are the mountainous border of Israel, the only democracy and stable ally of the US in the Middle East.  

When I hear People say that the US must force Israel to give up land for peace, I think of my family. They waited in vain for the free world to save them. The allies forced Czechoslovakia to give up land and got World War 2. I say to people who demand Israeli Jews live within Auschwitz borders, as described by Golda Meir, Have we ever done well in ghettos?  We are a small people, a family. If there were AIPAC in 1939, 6 million Jews may still be alive. If England had not closed the doors of Palestine to Jewish refugees to appease the Arabs, my parents may have gotten visas to Israel instead of Auschwitz.

I will end with the remarks of the late Tommy Lapid, a Hungarian Jew. (Memories after my Death by Yair Lapid)

I am a Holocaust survivor. I remember my Bar Mitzvah in the Budapest Ghetto. These memories follow me all my life. I would like to address US & European responsibility for what happened then and what is happening now. When Hitler’s Nazi program started it did not begin in Auschwitz or Buchenwald. It began with Kristallnacht, with the persecution of German Jews. By the time Europe and the US understood that this was actually not simply an 'internal German question' it was too late, World War II had already begun. If we missed the opportunity to understand what Hitler was promising, then we should believe what the Iranian President is saying now. This is not only a question of Israel being annihilated. The entire Judeo-Christian tradition is in a battle for survival against Radical Islam. We must join together to face our common enemy. Those who perished in the Holocaust are speaking to us, telling us “We thought this couldn’t happen, we trusted in peoples’ good will. When we woke from our illusions it was too late, don’t follow in our footsteps.”  

Israel will not allow another Yad Vashem to be created in the name of Jews today.