Pro-Palestinian Rally Organized by the Son of Holocaust Survivors

Excerpt by Phyllis Chesler; read her other articles and books, they are all outstanding!

Twenty to thirty people were arrested "for Hamas" today at midday in New York City. They lay down in the street opposite the Israeli Mission to the United Nations and blocked traffic for miles around. They chanted nothing and simply lay there in silence. The police asked them to get up—and thirty people did so—but when the remaining lie-in protestors refused to do so, the police arrested them.

Their leader was none other than Norman Finkelstein," the known and proud supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, a man who defends their right to target Israeli civilians." Finkelstein is the troubled and troublesome Jewish anti-Zionist activist and author who is also the son of Holocaust survivors.

He is living proof that Hitler's evil lives on in the lives of both Holocaust survivors and their descendants.

Finkelstein has attacked Alan Dershowitz (and myself) for our work on anti-Semitism and for our support of Israel. He also views what he calls "The Holocaust Industry" very negatively. He believes in boycotts against Israel-only and counts Noam Chomsky as a supporter.

Arab, Palestinian, left, and Feminist groups circulated information about this rally-- but the actual turn-out was very poor. Perhaps one hundred protestors came and after the mass arrests, thirty protestors remained. Sixty percent of the demonstrators were women.