Offer to Lapid: $200,000 to Find Change in PA Charter

In a letter to the editor, seen by The Algemeiner, William Langfan, a New York property investor now retired in Palm Beach, Florida, wrote:

“Nicholas Casey in his recent Wall Street Journal article ‘Palestinian Unity’ stated that some Israeli government officials say that negotiations with Hamas could one day become possible if it recognizes Israel.”

“He then quotes Yair Lapid, ‘It’s not like it didn’t happen before.’ ‘The PLO used to be a terror organization.’ I respectfully suggest that Lapid read Article 33 of the PLO 1968 Charter and ask himself where and when the Palestinian National Council (PNC) voted to modify or annul one article of their Charter.”

“The Charter unequivocally states that the establishment of Israel is illegal and void and that they would use armed resistance until Palestine was liberated.  Charter Article 33 clearly states that no change in the Charter can occur unless 2/3 of the PNC members vote for a change.”

“I hereby offer Lapid $200,000 if he can come forward with a voted PNC resolution specifying the Articles of the Charter which have been changed or annulled pursuant to Arafat’s January 1998 letter to President Clinton.”