From Mosaic: The Once & Future Caliphate by Daniel Pipes


Totally Unsurprising Hypocrisy
Claudia Rosett, PJ Media. Was Hamas’s mass execution of suspected “collaborators” in Gaza last week a human-rights violation? Not, it seems, according to the United Nations.  

The Once and Future Caliphate
Daniel Pipes, Aydınlık Daily. The self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq is unlikely to last long. But the attempt to revive the institution can have traumatic and far-reaching consequences.

Iran’s German Connection
Micki Weinberg, Times of Israel. NUMOV, a trade organization with a deplorable Nazi past, is now pushing for greater German cooperation with Tehran—regrettably, with some success. 

Liberals Should Be Zionists
David Bernstein, Washington Post. Are liberalism and Zionism incompatible? The idea is widespread but baseless; it’s the alternatives to Zionism that are truly illiberal.

Who Lived in Qumran? 
Bible History Daily. According to the ancient Jewish historian Josephus, the Essenes, an ascetic sect living in Qumran, wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. But Josephus is far from reliable.