AFSI, JCC Watch, and ZOA, along with a coalition of concerned citizens,  has been a part of the battle against the production of this shameful "opera" (propaganda piece) all summer long.  We are pleased that former Congressman Allen West has joined us in this fight to stop terrorism from being glorified in one of our most esteemed institutions, the Metropolitan Opera House.  The HD showings, as well as the radio simulcasts, have been cancelled, acknowledging that such propaganda might set off anti-Jewish demonstrations world-wide. Unfortunately, Peter Gelb and company must have assumed that pro-terrorism and anti-Semitism could be tolerated in NYC.because the live performances are still scheduled to proceed beginning this October. Fortunately, wise and moral decision makers at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC saw fit to cancel a scheduled preview. We continue to prevail upon Peter Gelb, Managing Director of the Met, to cancel the productions. 

Continue to call and email him: 212-799-3100x2891; pgelb@metopera.org 

It is vitally important that you circle the date - September 22nd - on your calendar so that you can join the community in the largest protest planned against this production. In light of his keen understanding of the issue, we are inviting Congressman Allen West to join the demonstration with a roster of VIP's that evening beginning at 5pm, directly across from Lincoln Center. 

The opera portrays this murder as justified, not only because of Palestinian grievances against Israel, but also by the alleged evil and exploitative actions of Jews against others around the world.

In the opera, the terrorists are presented as heroic freedom fighters, who have been forced by Jewish and Zionist oppression to take extreme actions - and what could be more extreme (and brave!) than pushing a wheelchair-bound senior citizen overboard?

In the opera's libretto, there are passages that defame the Jews as a people. For example, the principal terrorist says, "Wherever poor men are gathered, they can find Jews getting fat. You know how to cheat the simple, exploit the virgin, pollute where you have exploited, defame those you cheated, and break your own law with idolatry."

At one stage, the terrorist leader says to Klinghoffer, "America is one big Jew."

The opening scene honors terrorists with a backdrop of graffiti on a wall proclaiming "Warsaw 1943, Bethlehem 2005," implying a moral equivalence between the acts of the Nazis and Jews today.


The Palestinians sing, "We are soldiers fighting a war. We are not criminals and we are not vandals but men of ideals."

How is this "art?" How is this blatantly anti-Semitic performance acceptable? How can the Metropolitan Opera justify this egregious move?

Would the Met stage that comedy classic, "My Son, Mohammad, the Bacon-Eating Cross-dresser?" Probably not. How about that tragic romance, "The Mexican Problem?" I doubt it - not in an election year. 

Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world as Israel attempts to defend itself against an aggressor sworn to its destruction. This anti-Semitism, hiding behind a facade of anti-Zionism, is unparalleled since Nazi Germany. We must not allow it to fester on our shores. I hope you'll join me in calling or emailing Peter Gelb, director of the Metropolitan Opera, and demanding he cancel this production. You may call him at 212-799-3100, extension 2891 or email pgelb@metopera.org.