CAMERA Weekly Highlights


August 7, 2014
Below is a sample of recent articles and postings on CAMERA's Web site and Snapshots blog. Don't forget to check both often for the latest.

Washington Post  Corrects About Palestinian Violence, Blockade
CAMERA's D.C. office prompts Washington Post corrections after an article referred to a "total" blockade of the Gaza Strip and attributed the start of the second Palestinian intifada to "Israel's occupation and expansion of settlements."       

Analyzing Casualty Numbers, NYT  Ignores Hamas Call for Duplicity
In a piece meant to be an in-depth examination of casualty claims, The New York Times explains that Palestinian NGOs get some of their data from doctors, but fails to remind readers of Hamas's instructions that Palestinians lie about civilian casualties. 

Washington Post  Cites CAMERA on Palestinian Casualty Figures
Weighing in on the uncertainty concerning Palestinian casualty figures, Paul Farhi of The Washington Post cites CAMERA's Steven Stotsky ("Reporters grapple with politics, erratic sources in reporting Israeli/Gaza death toll").

NY Times  Errs on 'New Settlements'
New York Times infographic yesterday entitled "A History of Obama-Netanyahu Tensions" erroneously refers to Israeli announcements of "new settlements" in recent years.       

CAMERA Ad Campaign Promotes Facts About Gaza Crisis
Widespread misinformation about Israel's defensive action in countering rocket fire from Gaza has marred all too much of the media's coverage of the recent crisis. CAMERA has today placed full-page ads in five major newspapers, outlining basic facts and reminding readers that Israel is rightfully and legally entitled to defend herself.

More Video Evidence of Rockets Fired from Residential Gaza
A France24 video report shows children playing next to a rocket launcher just outside the hotel used by many foreign journalists. Next to the hotel is a residential apartment building, and within 100 meters of the site a large, modern UN building. The report also shows a rocket being launched from the site on a previous night.

Fool Me Twice: CNN Falls for False Casualty Numbers
When Nabil Shaath tells Wolf Blitzer that 700 women, children and elderly civilians have been killed in Gaza. CNN's failure to fact-check this egregious falsehood means the network's viewers are misinformed.

 Multiple Accuracy Failures in BBC Reporting on Two Jerusalem Terror Attacks
BBC reporting on two terror attacks in Jerusalem included inaccurate reporting on the motive and the means, with predictable absence of the word terror.

The Unbecoming Appropriation of “Apartheid”
This piece was written by Elliott Hamilton, current CAMERA intern and president of the CCAP (CAMERA Supported) group Claremont Students for Israel.