Mosaic Magazine: Some Interesting New Articles

The Rav as “Tzadik”
Zev Eleff, Torah Musings. Long recognized for his masterful scholarship and teaching, Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik should be remembered as well for immense personal righteousness.  

Whose War is This? 
Ab Cahan, Forward. During the first year of World War I, thundered the legendary editor of the Yiddish Forverts, the Russian army subjected its own Jewish civilians to brutal pogroms. (1915)

The Future of the Arab Minority
Uri Perednik, Mida. During Operation Protective Edge, radicalized Israeli Arabs brazenly attacked Jewish civilians. Of the three options for integrating this population, only one—the hardest one—will work.

Fair-Weather Friends
Shmuel Rosner, New York Times. Has Israel’s conduct in Gaza alienated liberal American Jews? So some have warned—a warning that, when it comes to protecting its citizens, the Jewish state should ignore.   

Israel’s Long War
Lee Smith, Weekly Standard. The battle in Gaza is only one front of an ongoing regional war. What is the strategy going forward?