Mosaic magazine articles

How IS Sees Itself
Yigal Carmon, Y. Yehoshua, A. Leone, MEMRI. Unlike al-Qaeda, the “Caliphate” places priority not on global terrorism but on establishing and consolidating a state. Hence it defers the clash with the West to a later stage.

A Rigged Game
Tom Gross, Matti Friedman, Mideast Dispatches. At the root of the Western media’s animus against Israel are laziness, a herd mentality, and, not least, latent hostility toward Jews. (Interview by Dafna Maor)

In Defense of Targeted Killings
Michael Hayden, Ynet. The former head of the NSA and CIA discusses American-Israeli cooperation, the Iranian nuclear program, the war on terror, and other matters. (Interview by Ronen Bergman)