William Langfan: read and watch the video



An American hero, William Langfan liberated my own father, William Vilko,  from concentration camp after forced slave labor for 2 years, 4 other concentration camps and 5 death marches,  schools Obama on the relevance of Munich to the issues in the Middle East today. My family's sad story of death, slavery, torture, loss of their homes, town, country, freedom and way of life was directly affected by Munich.  This is my story. It can be your story if you do not speak out against our country's current foreign policy which is hostile to Israel. My family are refugees. We will trade our right of return to our land, property and wealth with the "poor Palestinians". I urge all Jewish refugees to join me in making this offer to solve the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Since we know they will refuse, maybe this is because the conflict is not about land and disputed borders but the desire of to kill every Jew as stated in both PA and Hamas charters.