Silence about lies in anti-Israel textbooks‏

The Florida-based Verity Educate non-profit, which was approached by concerned parents and community members about Mideast-related educational materials distributed to students in Newton North and Newton South high schools, this month released “Middle East Curricula in Newton Public Schools,” a report addressing more than 300 specific points of inaccuracy and inconsistency in the school district’s curricula. Between May and September, Verity Educate analyzed 26 individual pieces of educational material used in Newton schools, include handouts, assignments, readings and one video.       

According to Verity Educate, Newton’s Mideast curriculum has featured “a high frequency of inaccurate and false information,” “academic dishonesty in multiple pieces of material,” “material taken directly from a hate-filled, religious, proselytizing website (” that prophesies about an Armageddon when all Jews will be murdered and the rest of the world will convert to Sunni Islam, and “assignments that prejudice students in favor of the radical position of a one-state scenario in Israel/the West Bank/Gaza.”   

The Boston-based advocacy group Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT), however, said in May that AWSN, a Saudi-financed text on Middle East history that falsely claims Israeli soldiers murdered hundreds of Palestinian nurses in Israeli prisons, was still being used in at least three separate classes during the 2012-13 school year in Newton.  

As Report Elucidates Fracas on Anti-Israel Texts, Boston-Area School District Remains Silent  -