Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people under fire from within

We are facing a crisis in organized Judaism which gained momentum after J Street was started and as Conservative and Reform Jews become more secular and uneducated along with their Rabbis. The NY Times never misses an opportunity to criticize Israel. However, to save Jews during the Shoah, the NY Times missed many opportunities.

J Street is funded by George Soros in 1978 as a pro-peace pro-Israel Jewish lobbying organization. It is actually pro-PA and is not a Zionist organization at all. The film: "The J Street Challenge" exposes this organization's true mission and funding. For non-Jews we are a difficult people to understand; we are not merely a religious group: we are a people with a land and a religion. We were able to return to our ancient homeland after thousands of years of persecution in the diaspora. Against all odds, we survived numerous attacks by neighbors who call for Israel's destruction. Marching down Nassau Street and on Princeton University in August were 500 people who were not supporting a "2 state solution" of Israel with 2 million Arabs and Palestine/Gaza with no Jews; but "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free.".

As Jews are again under attack all over the world and as Islamists seek to destroy western civilization, as Jews we must stand with Israel and for a close US/Israel relationship.

From Cantor Yossi Malovany, Cantor of 5th Ave Synagogue, NYC:

"J street are completely confused.  They do not really know what they want.  This is a vicious group of troubled people who needs to be done away with politically.  They cannot call themselves Jewish, as there is nothing Jewish about them.  Any Jew who condemns another Jew in front of non-Jews is a traitor.  There is no way to include a group like them in the Jewish community.  I am sure that they do not celebrate the high holidays in a fairly traditional way. They are a people with a cold attitude towards other Jews. They may perhaps even hate another Jew, particulary if they do not agree with their so-called views.  They also do not begin to understand the 4th Geneva Convention.  Nor do they remember that it was the government of the labor party in Israel who ordered going in to Yehuda and Shomron as the result of King Hussain's attack on Israel.  J Street are a bunch of dishonest people and I would prove it to them at any debate I may have with them in the future.  It will not be "music" to their ears in spite of the fact that music is my calling.  I also am of the opinion that they do not have hearts and they lack the capacity to get involved emotionally in anything that is Jewish and that goes back thousands of years.  I have the feelings that given the opportunity they would perhaps serves as  KAPOS, as some Jews did during the Shoah. So, J Street guys do come and challenge me."