75 years ago: Reflections in World War 2


by David Harris

 Adolf Hitler spelled out his goals in Mein Kampf (and elsewhere) years before January 1933, when he became German chancellor, yet an array of politicians, diplomats, journalists, and scholars in Europe and the United States chose, for a range of reasons, not to take him at his word.

     Rather, they convinced themselves, and in turn sought to persuade others, that the responsibilities of governance would moderate the German Führer; that he didn’t really mean what he said but resorted to rhetorical excesses to restore German pride after the humiliations of the First World War and the Versailles Treaty; or that he could serve as a useful bulwark against Bolshevik Russia

Now we have Israel and too many Jews spend their time criticizing Israel, including some employees of AJC. Look at the map; look at how far we have come as Jews able to go home anytime we wish. Unfortunately for the Jews of Europe, the time is now.

Jeremy Ben Ami, Beinart of J Street and Jews for Justice in Palestine and those who support BDS, Rebecca Vilkomerson, should be forced to watch films about the Shoah and MEMRI clips as a punishment for their sins against our people who are again under attack all over the world.