J Post: Netanyahu slams ICC; Steinitz compares court decision to Dreyfus Affair By HERB KEINON

The International Criminal Court's decision to open a preliminary investigation against Israel for alleged war crimes will not deter Israel from doing what it needs to do to defend itself, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.  Netanyahu, speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, said Israel will fight against the ICC moves with full force, and will enlist others to do so as well.The issue is expected to be a major focus of Netanyahu’s discussion over the next two days with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, visiting Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, and a visiting nine-member US Senate delegation headed by Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain.“We will defend Israel's right to defend itself, and not allow IDF soldiers to be tried by an international tribunal,” he said. Netanyahu characterized the ICC’s decision to begin a preliminary investigation as the “height of hypocrisy and the opposite of justice. ”Netanyahu, who said that as a former ambassador to the United Nations and as a prime minister he has encountered hypocritical acts in the past, characterized this decision as “being in a category all its own. This gives international cover to international terror,”Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz was equally strident in his criticism, comparing this decision to the notorious Dreyfus Affair.“This is a kangaroo court that acts according to public opinion, according to Israel's position the international media, according to a political decision by the UN General Assembly,” he said. “It is a kangaroo court that reminds me of the Dreyfus Affair.” Steinitz said that just as the French took a Jew, Dreyfus, and cast upon him the accusation of being a traitor because the public opinion and media in France were “comfortable with the idea of a Jewish traitor,”  so too, he said, was the ICC now taking the Jewish state and investigating it“This is a modern Dreyfus trial, not against the Jewish officer Dreyfus, but rather against the State of Israel defending itself,” he said.