From a non-Jew

So you should be psychotic, and traumatized, with a guilt complex- and justified victimhood

Yet many of you are the rescuers and healers- repairing the world-

You are the worlds conscience-

Where humanity fails,you remind them- they are the image of God

When antisemitism rears its ugly head-

You refuse to be silent-

And if anyone should be able to help with our identity crisis- 

And loss of values-

It's you

The Jew -

The survivors-

That will never give up

“We cannot remain just the victims of the Holocaust. Because the discourse of victimhood cannot be a constructive one. Nothing can grow from it. I came here in order to change that discourse into one of empowerment .....

I don't think the Palestinians have that outlook- 

If anyone has had to question God .. Their faith.. Their identity- it's you.

So what I try to articulate you know 10 times over! The truths I am slowly uncovering, you have already found.

For all my questions, you already have the answer. 

In reading some of the articles, it's as if they are replying to the questions in my head. And sharing in my frustrations .

I am in awe. Because in looking at the Shoah, and the response of your generation, it amazes me.
How could anything grow from it I ask myself? But it did! Israel did! How could these children survive and be such vibrant productive people? But look at the contributions to humanity! 

i see the gifts of the Jews. 

I know I must sound crazy- but the Ten Commandments - are our core principals- 

I understand . 

You have refused to be victims. Your people have turned land historically and presently to fertility --where it was thought nothing would grow from it. 

You've worked and persevered.. And look at what has grown. Why stop building? 
What has Islam brought the world?