Joan Peters, obm The People of Israel parts from a heroine.

This wonderful woman passed on the day before yesterday, at peace with
her monumental work, From Time Immemorial.

We met with Joan about a year ago during her visit to Israel and when
we gave her our journal, Sovereignty, into her hands, she pointed out
the word "Sovereignty" and told us "This is the only game in town" -
and explained "application of sovereignty is the only normal thing to
do in order to keep a hold on this Land".

Joan Peters went the entire way with her truth, despite the fact that
it entailed a total change in her world view. With her difficult and
taxing work, which took many years, she shattered, in her words, the
lies about the size of the population that was in the Land before the
War of Independence and she especially shattered the myth of the
refugees, as she brought facts, data and numbers showing how UNRWA as
well as the Arab League artificially maintain the refugee status and
use the refugees as a weapon against Israel.

Joan Peters paid a heavy price for her work. People on the Left,
including some Israelis, claimed that her work was not based on
accurate data, but authors Barbara Tuchman, Elie Wiesel and Robert St.
John stood by her side, as well as history.

The People of Israel are extremely grateful for her work and
dedication to the People and the Land of Israel. May her memory be

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

Joan Peters in a rare interview: Israeli sovereignty is indispensable
in light of the Arab fraud

In an exclusive interview with Sovereignty, journalist Joan Peters,
author of the best-seller, From Time Immemorial, analyzes reality in
the Middle East both clearly and eloquently and calls on the world to
recognize and reject the Arab fraud embodied in the words 'Palestinian

From Time Immemorial, with its profound insights, quickly became an
integral part of the internal Israeli discourse on subjects ranging
from Arabs of Judea and Samaria, refugees and UNRWA to the chances of
a final agreement between Israel and her neighbors. The energetic
journalist still writes about the situation in the Middle East, in
general, and the Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular. Women in Green
leaders, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, met Joan Peters some time
ago and stayed in touch. Towards the publication of Sovereignty Issue
number 4, they asked Peters some questions about her seminal book,
about Zionism, and, of course, about sovereignty.

What made you decide to write your book and how did you come to
realize the truth was different than what you originally thought?

Peters explains how she started out writing from the perspective of a
human rights activist - who came to Israel to support the Arabs in
Israel. "I was not a Zionist, or rather, not until my research taught
me why Zionism is imperative to Jews who understand that Israel is
forever our protection and our joy.I was an ardent civil rights
activist helping to register Black Americans to vote, comparing what
little I knew of the Arabs in Israel to the outrage of slavery and
then racism as it existed in places in the South--Mississippi and South
Carolina, where I worked.Of course, as I learned, the analogy was
preposterous, incorrect, and the accurate analogy was the Jews of
Palestine--Palestinian Jews from time Immemorial--and the Blacks of
America, are comparably oppressed." She refers us back to the book for
the description of what brought her to "challenge all of the gospels
about Israel and the Arabs - I'd have to recite from my book to
adequately recount the questions, the gaping holes in the fraudulent
'history' as presented by all the world's 'experts'."

In your opinion, what are the chances that the world will finally wake
up to the truth? Is there something that the government of Israel
should do to promote this awakening?

"The world saw a bit of the truth in 1967, when Israel took the reins
and asserted its right and its strength. Today I believe that the same
power of truth and strength must be asserted overwhelmingly to destroy
the Hamas-ISIS-PLO-Hezbollah, etc. blight on Israel's borders. Why is
it that ISIS is clearly seen as a threat to the world while murderous
Hamas-ISIS is given more or less a pass on sympathetic grounds when
Israel and Jews attack, defend and attempt to protect their country
from the monstrous scourge?"

UNRWA is deceiving the Jewish People and the entire world

Peters devotes a large part of her book to the manner in which the
United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, perpetuates the refugee
status ofArabs who were displaced, or left voluntarily, during the
War of Independence. This has become an integral part of efforts to
undermine Israel's standing in the eyes of the world and in its own
eyes. Women in Green asks Peters to relate to this organization,
which, although its stated purpose is to bring peace to the world,
actually strengthens those whose goal is to destroy Israel.

"UNRWA has been perpetrating fraud against the Jewish nation and
against the world since they became the only 'refugee' organ solely
dedicated to one group of the world's refugees.The Arab refugees,
who really ran or were displaced during Israel's War of Independence,
were a small group when compared to the world's hundreds of millions
displaced during wars and strife.The Arabs were also a much smaller
actual number than the Jewish Arab-born refugees forced to flee from
Arab countries.But the Arabs were counted over and over, going back
and forth from the refugee camps. As American congressmen have
attested, fraud was committed constantly, aided by the almost totally
Arab staff in the UNRWA employ."

The Arabs base their specious claims on their falsified version of history

And of course, last, but most importantly: What do you think about the
need to apply Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and the
Jordan Valley and what should Israel do with the Arabs who will live
there after it applies sovereignty?

"There only can be one sovereign Jewish Israel in its rightful land as
delineated by everything from the Balfour Declaration to the League of
Nations,from Churchill to President Truman and the UN, from left to

Any and all other claims to the Jewish nation--including Judea and
Samaria-- are specious at best and fraudulent.Would a claim to
peoplehood by any group--say, the Baader Meinhofclaim to Berlin and
environs as the Meinhof State from time immemorial-- be taken
seriously?No less open to ridicule should be the "Palestine Arab"
state.Faked history, fake claims, all imitating the legitimate and
rightful national history of the Jewish people."