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The 11/21/2015 Jihad Watch Daily Digest:

Satanists reach out to Muslims in U.S. who fear “backlash”
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 06:24 pm

This is peculiarly fitting: Muslims who described themselves as lovers of death, screaming out about the superiority of their god, brutally murdered well over 100 people in Paris, in accord with commands they imbibed from their prophet and holy book. Then other Muslims began complaining about a non-existent “backlash,” so as to shift focus away […]
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Utah homework: make propaganda poster for terror group
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 05:58 pm

The local Fox affiliate has covered this, but just imagine the national outcry if students at Salem Junior High had been told to make a recruiting poster for…AFDI. Then we would really have had a media uproar on our hands. But when a school has children telling people to join the Islamic State, the mainstream […]
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Terror in Mali and the Real Meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’ – on The Glazov Gang
By Jamie Glazov on Nov 20, 2015 05:44 pm

As another Islamic terrorist attack occurred in Mali’s capital of Bamako, where Muslim gunmen attacked a luxury hotel full of foreigners, killing innocents and taking 170 people hostage (see update), reports confirm that the terrorists demanded that hostages recite the Shahada (the Muslim declaration of faith) and that those who were able to do so […]
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Hillary: Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 04:30 pm

How will President Hillary Clinton have the slightest chance of defeating the Islamic State when she is so divorced from reality as to say something like this? “Hillary: Muslims ‘Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism,'” by Guy Benson, Townhall, November 20, 2015: Behold, the woman who shall soon be crowned Queen of the endlessly […]
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UK: Muslims attack convert from Islam to Christianity with pickaxe
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 04:07 pm

A hadith depicts Muhammad saying: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” (Bukhari 9.84.57). The death penalty for apostasy is part of Islamic law according to all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence. This is still the position of all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence, both Sunni and Shi’ite. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most renowned […]
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Mali jihad attack: at least 27 murdered as hostage situation ends
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 03:50 pm

With the jihadis more aggressive than ever worldwide, the Islamic supremacist propaganda machine in the West is again kicking into high gear, churning out another avalanche of articles about how Islam is a Religion of Peace. But the machine won’t be able to convince people to ignore the growing mountain of contrary evidence forever. “Mali […]
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Muslim cleric: “The Islamic State is a byproduct of Al Azhar’s programs”
By Raymond Ibrahim on Nov 20, 2015 03:36 pm

Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Nasr, a scholar of Islamic law and graduate of Egypt’s Al Azhar University—regularly touted as the world’s most prestigious Islamic university—recently exposed his alma mater in a televised interview. After being asked why Al Azhar, which is in the habit of denouncing secular thinkers as un-Islamic, refuses to denounce the Islamic State […]
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Italian Police: Muslim Migrants Threw Christians Overboard
By Ralph Sidway on Nov 20, 2015 08:37 am

This crime is identical to this story from back in April 2015. How many such Muslim attacks on migrant Christians go unreported? I wrote at that time: The Muslim attack on Christians in a migrant boat crossing the Mediterranean is a sign of our times, a dark symbol and metaphor for a future which is […]
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Daily Mail rejoices that female suicide bomber “never read the Qur’an”
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 08:33 am

The Daily Mail, consistently one of the worst papers in the Western world, is clearly thrilled as it reports the claims of the family of jihad suicide bomber Hasna Ait Boulahcen, that she was a party girl with no interest in Islam or the Qur’an. These claims are being used not just by the Daily […]
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Mali: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” take hostages, free those who can recite Qur’an
By Robert Spencer on Nov 20, 2015 07:53 am

We have seen this before on several occasions in Kenya. In September 2013 at Nairobi’s Westgate Mall, Muslims murdered people who couldn’t answer questions about Islam. In June 2014, Muslims murdered people who could not pass an Islam quiz. In November 2014, Muslims murdered 28 non-Muslims who couldn’t recite Qur’an verses. In April 2015, Muslims […]
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