What They're Saying about "Obama's Secret Iran Strategy"

Michael Doran’s essay provoked a “firestorm in the policy world.” Here’s a roundup of arguments for and against his thesis.


Editors' Picks

1. Why Let the Left Dominate Israeli Institutions? The right doesn’t even try to enter the cultural elite. Evelyn Gordon.

2. A Short History of Anti-Semitism in Iran The origins of the hate toward the "Little Satan." Lawrence Franklin.

3. Why Is the State Department Funding Israeli Campaign Ads? Behind “Anyone but Netanyahu." Adi Ben Hur.

4. Jewish Life in Russia, Then and Now Memories of growing up as a Jew in Communist Russia. David Rozenson.

5. Underwater Treasure off the Coast of Caesarea 2,000 gold coins on the seabed dating to the 11th century. Israel Antiquities Authority.