Im Tirtzu Exposé: Who is funding B’Tselem’s report against IDF actions during Operation Protective Edge?

On Wednesday, 28 January, B’Tselem intends to publish a report revealing their findings after investigating alleged “war crimes” committed by the IDF during Operation Protective Edge.
A new report from Im Tirtzu exposes the source of funding for the report by B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence regarding Operation Protective Edge.  The funds come from Ramallah, from a Palestinian foundation that among other things finances organizations related the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and that has also investigated Operation Protective Edge.  Their investigative findings are to be used in the Schabas Commission.
Im Tirtzu’s report brings up serious questions regarding the relationship between Israeli organizations and Palestinian funds that sponsor terrorism and Boycott Divestment and Sanctions as well as the enormous amount of European money that comes to them to portray Israel as a perpetrator of war crimes and to delegitimize Israel.
Israeli citizens and the international community who will read B’Tselem’s report have a right to know that this report does not represent an objective investigation of truth with justice as its guiding principle, rather this is the result of a political agenda and the negative attitude toward Israel. The investigation was biased from the start with a political agenda and negative attitude to distort the facts.
Even during Operation Protective Edge, B’Tselem falsely accused the IDF and the State of Israel from all possible platforms both in Israel and on the world stage in order to create international pressure against Israel in spite of Israel’s valiant effort to act according to the law and avoid civilian casualties.
Read the full report  HERE.