From a Friend: wake up and act now before the window of opportunity passes

STOPPING IRAN has everything to do with American Interests. We are the big Satan; Israel is the little Satan. This is a war of civilizations. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not a conflict over land: it is a religious conflict with the enemies of civilization: the civilization that the Jews brought to the world with the 10 commandments and the Bible. The war is between Islamist takeover of the world vs. liberty and democracy.. Those who demonize Israel as the cause of the world's problems are missing the real threat; no different now that when the treat to civilization from Nazi Germany and from the USSR/Communism.

I recommend Ken Spiro's talk on antisemitism which you can see on YouTube/JBS TV 

We must win.

The global anti-Semitic tsunami, an unprecedented surge of feral hostility compounded by the Internet, emanates from a combination of factors: Muslim anti-Semitism and violence, anti-Israelism of the Left, and traditional cultural and radical Jew-hatred of the Right. 

Antisemitism is nothing new. It is an an old demon that has resurrected again -especially over the past year-being a non jew i wasnt as aware of it- but over the past year the monster has grown and I dont understand how one could possibly ignore it at this point- "playing dead" isn't going to do a damn thing. 

In the United States, the Goldene Medina, despite the strong public and congressional support for Israel, many Jews are stunned by the anti-Israeli hysteria generated by the Left and some liberal media and shocked by the toxic levels of anti-Semitism displayed on many college campuses.

To this I agree-the levels of antisemitism are toxic. Just as toxic as the chemical warfare.

Overall, Diaspora Jews are under enormous stress, confused and frequently divided as how to respond to the upsurge of anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic onslaughts.

Jews are under enormous stress.  All the more reason I look to see how you (Jews) respond. The world looks.  Emphasizing divisiveness is not helpful. But being able to discern which organizations are the most successful and why is most valuable. Certainly we know which organizations have been destructive. You discredit them - and bolster those that are fighting for Israel's survival, and praise success. (ZOA)

We need to fight; In Washington, on campuses, through the media, and in my community.  Why is there deafening silence in response to SJP on college campuses? Rabbi Boteach knows; because we are not equipped to fight. To some extent indifference and apathy, but students can be easily engaged. There is also Fear of being threatened.  

I've seen what silence earns.