How to Advance Israel Advocacy? I Ask First for Zionism

Chloe Valdary

I ask FIRST for Zionism.

Not for pogrom. Not for libel. Not for Shoah.

Not for discussions on Arab-Israeli conflicts; not for discourse on legal texts; not for pschoanalyzing the dead; not for pragmatic positions cutting asunder a land; not for stifling the breath of a people; not for justifying murder; not for the ramifications of the UN; not for the permission or lack thereof of the U.S.; not for the scorn of the EU.

Not for demise nor for analyzing demise. Not for depression, nor for evaluating depression.

I ask for celebration of a civilization; of a memory; of a legacy; of life itself.

Of Mendelssohn and Maimonides; Of Einstein and Heschel; Of inventions and philosophies; Of Herzl and Hess; Of Brandeis and Nordau; Of Mandeles and Goldstein; Of Mael and Maazig; Of art; Of triumph; Of debate; Of prayer; Of collective belonging and individuality; Of Milk and Honey; Of rationality and spirituality; Of identity; Of identity; Of identity;

Of Wailing Walls; Of Shilo; Of Soaring; Of life itself.

To this I raise monuments. To this I give a toast. To this I dedicate poetry and song and dance and no tears, no more tears, but laughter and devotion. I begin here, only here, with redemption, with victory, with achievement. With ideas that moved, that constructed the world, and a people that invented them.

I ask FIRST for Zionism.