Time for Swedish, Hungarian, French, English Jews to leave?

Time for Swedish Jews to Leave?

by Annika Hernroth-Rothstein

When we ask for guarantees of our safety, we’re met with speeches and calls for patience. This is not living

1. Congress Should Insist on Its Say in Any Iran Deal

"If Congress is going to have a role in the crash landing, it should have a role in the takeoff." Elliott Abrams.

2. Howard Jacobson on a World Where History Has Become Taboo

His new novel imagines a future in which Jewish identity has been both erased and universalized. Ruth Wisse.

3. The American Studies Association Elects a Board of Israel Haters

Including . . . Steven Salaita. David Bernstein.

4. Why Westerners Fail to Understand the Crisis of the Middle East

"Why do we keep getting this wrong?" Asher Susser.

5. Why Tradition Matters

Are we really so much wiser than those who came before us? Peter Wehner.