March 19, 2015 Obama on the warpath

As we wrote yesterday, the knives are out and they are sharp. Obama has wasted no time in displaying his pettiness and more significantly, his vindictiveness toward Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. His strategy (yes, strategy) to coddle the enemies of the US and trash allies continues. Only one day after the Israeli elections, Obama sent a clear signal that he has Israel's back - with a target on it.

We wrote yesterday that Obama has not yet called to congratulate Netanyahu. So be it. However, today, the news is rife with reports of how much Obama despises Netanyahu (this of course, is not news), and his plans to retaliate against Israel for Bibi's "crime". The crime? Stating that "I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state today, and evacuate areas, is giving radical Islam an area from which to attack the State of Israel." He followed this with a direct statement that a Palestinian state would not be created under his leadership.


And what does Obama do? He orders his minions to take to the media and threaten Israel:

- Support Israel in the UN Security Council? Questionable.

- Continue supplying armament as needed? Perhaps not fully.

- Be sensitive to Israel's position in the nuclear negotiations with Iran? Are you kidding?


All of this is not new. It follows Obama's pattern during the past six years:

- Recognize that the 1967 armistice line provides no security for Israel and that UN Security Council Resolution 242 does not call for withdrawal from all territory and does call for secure borders? Nah. Instead, force Israel to withdraw to the '67 lines with ridiculous "land swaps".

- Recognize Israel's right to the Land of Israel based on 4,000 years of history? What history?

- Recognize that unified Jerusalem is Israel's and only Israel's capital? Nope: divide it, share it, and stop oppressing the poor "Palestinians".



Whether Bibi's statements were a campaign ploy or his truly held views, they are now out in the open, and he has to some degree repudiated the statements he made at Bar Ilan University in 2009, where he agreed for the first time publicly to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Only time will tell if he and his coalition-government-to-be will be true to their values, or if he will succumb to pressure to pull back some of what he said to help "mend the rupture" with Obama and the US administration.


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