CAMERA Weekly Highlights


Below is a sample of recent articles and postings from CAMERA's Web site, our Snapshots blog, our campus blog In Focus, plus our affiliates BBC Watch and UK Media Watch, which monitor the BBC, the Guardian and the rest of the British media. Don't forget to check these sites often for the very latest.

AP Assails Israel's Democracy

About Israeli democracy, AP's Middle East editor asks and answers: "Is Israel a democracy? The answer is not so straightforward." What isn't straightforward is the article that follows -- twisting, omitting, and stacking the deck in order to delegitimize Israel and absolve Palestinians.

Reuters Botches UN Human Rights Council Story

When the US representative indicated it would not take part in the United Nations Human Rights Council's semi-annual meeting on Palestine, or as UN Watch fairly describes it, Hate Israel Day, Reuters was quick to connect the dots, reporting the move as “unprecedented” and signaling “that the Obama administration is undertaking a ‘reassessment’ of relations with the Jewish state.” But, in fact, an Israeli foreign ministry source indicated that the Jewish state requests its allies refrain from participating in the anti-Israel session.

The New York Times' Anti-Bibi Campaign

The New York Times started 'campaigning' against Bibi before the elections, recruiting even economic affairs columnist Paul Krugman to weigh in with an attack piece. After Netanyahu's surprise victory, the newspaper ran an editorial smearing him with insults. But when a front page 'news' analysis was redacted to remove mitigating quotes from controversial remarks by Bibi to exaggerate the image they portrayed of him as an anti-democratic racist, The New York Times further cemented its growing reputation as the advocacy journal of record.

CAMERA Prompts Global Post Correction on Gaza Construction Materials

After communication with CAMERA staff, the Global Post corrected its claim that construction materials are "are not allowed" into the Gaza Strip.

National Public Radio Series Marred By Inaccuracies and Omissions 

In a series timed to coincide with Israeli elections, NPR's Morning Edition suggests that Israel's claims to the West Bank are illegitimate and its settlements illegal and portrays Palestinians as hapless victims who bear no responsibility for their misfortunes.

The Guardian Appoints Anti-Israel Propagandist as New Editor-in-Chief 

The Guardian announced that deputy editor of the Guardian and editor-in-chief ofGuardian US, Katharine Viner, was appointed their new editor-in-chief. Viner was the co-creator of an anti-Israel play called ‘My Name is Rachel Corrie’, a piece of theatrical agitprop about the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist killed while attempting to stop an IDF anti-terror operation in Gaza. In 2001, Viner interviewed terrorist Leila Khaled, opening her article with words that seemed to glorify terrorism, calling Khaled “the symbol of Palestinian resistance and female power,” with a “delicate Audrey Hepburn face.”

BBC does free PR for UN Human Rights Council

Three times a year the UN Human Rights Council turns its attentions to ‘Agenda item 7,’ focusing all its condemnation only on Israel. No country other than Israel has a permanent agenda item on the council’s schedule, prompting the American Secretary of State to say, “The obsession with Israel actually risks undermining the credibility of the entire organization.” Despite the UN HRC’s record of abysmal bias towards Israel, the BBC has uncritically quoted and promoted statements made by its officials and unquestioningly adopted and amplified UN reports and figures.

Divestment Loses at Northeastern University


Northeastern University students and community professionals, including CAMERA staff, worked together to defeat a BDS vote at NU's student government. The referendum desired to divest from companies that operate in the disputed territories in Judea and Samaria. The end result? Nine senators voted in favor of the resolution and 25 opposed it, with 14 abstentions. 

New York Times News Pages Go Into Editorializing Overdrive


News reporter Diaa Hadid purports to knows what Benjamin Netanyahu thinks (deception!) and what Mahmoud Abbas thinks (negotiations!), while Jodi Rudoren turns partisan opinions into New York Times fact. 

Petty Politics in Washington Post's Israeli Vote Coverage?

Did Washington Post news coverage have a horse in Israel's election race? Were nine references to the Likud party, seven to the Labor Party, none in reverse, accidental?