Iran Nuclear deal, Antisemitism in US

Attacks against Jews in America surged in 2014, new study finds

Anti-Semitism in the United States is on the rise again after a decade of decline, says a new report.

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01 Apr 2015 Once a thriving community, today only 20 Jews remain in the Indian city.  read more »

Iran nuclear deal: 'Key issues' delay accord as talks extended - BBC News

01 Apr 2015 The UK says key issues still needed to be tackled at talks on Iran's nuclear program but agrees with Iranian and Russian delegates that there is "a broad framework of understanding".  read more »

Five hurdles to an Iran nuclear deal - USA Today

31 Mar 2015 As a self-imposed Tuesday deadline nears, the United States and five other world powers are negotiating with Iran on an agreement that limits Tehran's nuclear program to peaceful purposes.  read more »