Poll: US public support for Palestinian state hits 20-year low

New Washington Post-ABC News poll finds 39% of Americans support establishment of Palestinian state, while 36% oppose it • Survey further finds 50% of Americans disapprove of how President Barack Obama is handling U.S.-Israel relations.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has found the American public's support for a Palestinian state is at a 20-year low, as only 39% of Americans support the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, while 36% oppose the notion. Some 25% of those polled said they had no opinion on the matter.

The poll, comprising 1,003 adults, was held between March 26 and 29 and had a margin of error of 3.5%.

According to The Washington Post, the data represents a 7 percentage point dip from February 2014, suggesting a rapid decline in support for a Palestinian state.

Referencing past surveys, the report noted that a 2003 Gallup Poll had found that 58% of the U.S. public supported the two-state solution, but those numbers dropped to 51% in 2009. In February 2012, slightly more than half of the American public supported Palestinian independence, but by mid 2013 that number decreased to 44%.

Overall, support for a Palestinian state has not been this low since 1995, when it was pegged at 36%, the report said.

The survey further found that 50% of Americans disapproved of the way U.S. President Barack Obama was handling U.S.-Israel relations, while 38% support his policies. Twelve percent of those polled offered no opinion on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority officially became as a member of International Criminal Court in The Hague on Wednesday.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas applied for full International Criminal Court membership in late December by signing the Rome Statute. As the process takes three months, the Palestinian Authority's membership came into effect April 1.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki was expected to arrive in The Hague on Wednesday to ratify Ramallah's wish to join the Rome Statute, as ICC protocol demands.

Palestinian sources on Tuesday denied reports suggesting the PA, yielding to international pressure, has agreed to postpone filing ICC claims against Israel at this time, following Israel's decision to renew the transfer tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

The funds had been withheld over Abbas' application for ICC membership

"The Palestinian Authority will be the one to decide if and when it will file claims against Israel at The Hague," a senior source in Abbas' office told Israel Hayom. "This decision has nothing to do with suspended tax revenues or international pressure."

Also on Tuesday, former Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki announced he would be joining the next "Gaza Freedom Flotilla," set to take place in the near future.

Israeli expat Dror Feiler, who has participated in several flotillas trying to reach the Gaza Strip, told Israel Radio, "It's time for Israel to let us in." Feiler added the next Gaza-bound sail is likely to include three flotillas.