NYT: Purposefully Pernicious on Israel? Posted at my FB page

‏NYT: Purposefully Pernicious on Israel? Posted at my FB page


Phyllis Chesler

Yes, the New York Times is purposefully pernicious on the subject of Israel. We know this. Here’s today’s proof.  On page A10, the six word headline reads: “Israeli Police Officers Kill Two Palestinians.” For those who read only the headlines or who are already “Palestinianized,” one assumes that such killing is gratuitous, uncalled for, typical, and typically vicious. Read the article and you will learn: “Two Palestinian men were fatally shot by the Israeli police after attacking officers with knives, one at a contested shrine in the West Bank and the other at a checkpoint near East Jerusalem.” At the end of the piece, you will read: “Also on Saturday, a man wounded three Israeli police officers when he struck them with his car.”

Are the headline writers incompetent? Hardly. Are they restricted in terms of their word count? Hardly. Proof: In the same issue, on page A24, there is a nine-word headline which reads: “Man, 24, Killed by Detective in Struggle During Arrest.”