Two-State Nonsense

Two-State Nonsense

There has been a lot of noise today about the so-called "Two State Solution", as the Vatican came out with formal recognition of the "state of Palestine'.

Washington Post: Vatican causes stir with treaty recognizing Palestine as a state

Algemeiner: Vatican Recognition of 'State of Palestine' Riles Jewish Organizations

Every AFSI supporter is familiar with the maps created by AFSI's Chairman Mark Langfan. These maps--easy to read yet extremely informative--show in detail and prove why the so-called "two state solution" is dangerous to Israel and can never be implemented.

Of course, from whatever perspective one approaches the Middle East--religious, security, historical, practical, moral or ethical--the idea of a state for Arabs between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea should be tossed into the sea.

To reiterate basic truths:

- The Land of Israel is Jewish; it belongs to the Jews.

- This land was never the homeland of any people except the Jews, and is the only land that has been and is the homeland for the Jews.

We can also discuss how there never was a nation of "Palestine"; how the term "Palestine" was an invented name designed to remove Jewish attachment to the land; how Jews fought for it and defended it innumerable times against incredible odds; how the land was dry and desolate until the Jews developed it; how most of the Arabs who came to live on it moved there from elsewhere for economic benefit; etc.

So whatever the Vatican says, whatever the EU says, whatever Obama says, whatever the Arabs say: Israel is the Jewish state; there will not be an Arab state within Israel; and Jewish land will not be given away. For ANY reason.

Excerpts from Jonathan Tobin's piece in Commentary:

Vatican Recognition of Palestine Won't Bring Peace Closer

Just as important, the Church ignores the fact that an independent Palestinian state in all but name already exists in Gaza under the tyrannical rule of Hamas terrorists. Which "Palestine" is the Church recognizing? Hamasistan or Fatah's corrupt kleptocracy that Abbas presides over? With Hamas growing more popular, the prospect of it gaining power in an independent West Bank makes an Israeli withdrawal a fantasy rather than a viable policy option.

While no one should question the pope's good intentions, the Vatican move will only serve to make peace less likely and do nothing for Middle East Christians who are under unbearable pressure from Islamists, not Israel. In this case, being even-handed undermines the already dwindling hopes for a two state solution.

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