Nuclear Weapons and ISIS

Article In Issue IX Of ISIS Magazine 'Dabiq' Discusses How Pakistani Nuclear Weapons Can Be Purchased, Transported To U.S. Through Smugglers

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A page from Dabiq

An article in the most recent issue, the ninth, of the Islamic State's (ISIS's) English-language online magazine Dabiq speculates that Pakistani nuclear weapons can be purchased by ISIS and outlines the geographical territory through which they can be transported to the U.S. via drug smugglers and weapons dealers. The hypothesis is part of an article, "The Perfect Storm" by Western journalist John Cantlie, who is being held hostage by the jihadis.

The article is focused on how the growth of ISIS in the past year has gone undetected by Western intelligence agencies, and states that therefore Pakistani nuclear weapons can also be transported undetected. "What started as an explosive movement in Iraq has now suddenly turned into a global phenomenon that the West and the democratic world as a whole is ill-equipped to deal with," the writer notes.