Letter of Thanks to JBS TV from Benjamin Anthony, Founder of Our Soldiers Speak

Dear Friends,  

My previous email failed to express my deep gratitude to the individuals and the institution that granted me the opportunity for interview in recent days.
I thus publicly express my unsolicited appreciation for Rabbi Mark S. Golub, President and CEO of JBS - Jewish Broadcasting Service  (http://www.shalomtv.com/about.htm) .
He, along with his exceptional and dedicated team, does an outstanding service on behalf of the Jewish world, ensuring impartial and objective consideration of the broadest possible range of opinions on matters pertaining to the global Jewish community. 
I am personally grateful to have benefitted from the skilled interviewing technique of Rabbi Golub. He accorded me the opportunity to speak freely and comfortably on matters close to my heart and to my mind. He did so regardless of the extent to which my views may or may not have resonated with him personally. A quality such as that is rare. It is reflected throughout all of the work undertaken by
 I encourage all who are committed to learning more about the American-Jewish scene to become acquainted with the work of JBS, to invite them to cover and to broadcast your events and to consider supporting them so that their virtuous work continues to go from strength to strength. Doing so is an investment on behalf of us all. A selection of relevant links are below. 


I also wish to thank Dr. Naomi Vilko for bringing JBS and OSS together.
As I commented at the conclusion of my interview, I thank Rabbi Golub and all at JBS for continuing my education.  
A public error is best met with a public correction. I do hope that this mailing goes some way to promoting and thanking those of whom I had unintentionally failed to make sufficient mention. 
Sincerely and with thanks, 
Benjamin Anthony, Founder and Director, Our Soldiers Speak