Mosaic magazine update

Israel: Vibrant and Resilient, or Mediocre and Decaying?

by Edward Grossman

My respondents see the Israeli glass as more than half full; I see it as more than half empty. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

1. In Its Latest Capitulation, the U.S. May Stop Sanctioning Iran for Its Support of Terror

The list of concessions grows longer and more embarrassing. Stephen Hayes.

2. Israeli Abortion Law Offers an Ideal Compromise between Judaism and Liberalism

Contrary to a spurious opinion piece in the New York TimesEvelyn Gordon.

3. A Muslim Physician Talks about Israel and Islam

"I am as pro-Palestinian as I am pro-Zionist." Qanta Ahmed.

4. Does Freedom of Speech Entail Encouraging Holocaust Denial?

"Censorship cannot kill a bad idea." Oliver Wiseman.

5. Politics, Strategy, and Israel’s Natural-Gas Reserves

Israel’s new status as a budding energy power. Haviv Rettig Gur.