Honor Crimes increase in UK

Over 11,000 "Honor Crime" Cases Recorded in UK in Five Years - Divya Talwar and Athar Ahmad (BBC)
    11,744 cases of so-called honor crime were recorded by UK police forces from 2010-14, according to data from 39 out of 52 police forces in the UK. They included forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).
    Diana Nammi, director of the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organization - a charity that provides support to Middle Eastern women living in the UK who are facing "honor" violence - said the figures "do not show the real extent of the problem. So many crimes are unreported because the perpetrators are often the victim's own family."
    "Honor-based violence is no longer a fringe issue," said Commander Mak Chishty, head of police policy on the issue.