Cruz Endorsed by Oliver "Buck" Revell, Former Associate Director, FBI

March 16, 2016

To my fellow Americans:

After more than fifty years of involvement in law enforcement, national security and international affairs, I am more concerned than ever about the welfare of our nation. This concern prompts me to endorse for the very first time a candidate for president of the United States.

During the past seven years, the increased hostility in the criminal justice arena, caused at least in part by a divisive president and a complicit justice department, has alarmed me. I am also concerned by limitations placed on my former agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in pursuing international and domestic terrorist organizations. When the FBI does not allow agents and analysts to properly identify the origins, ideology and objectives of major terrorist organizations due to either misplaced political correctness or naïve evaluations of the threat posed by these organizations, the danger to our nation substantially increases. The current administration’s failure to fully fund and support our military services has placed us at a substantial disadvantage to our potential adversaries such as Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and international terrorist organizations including ISIS and Hezbollah.

I believe the presidential candidate with the best qualifications, experience and skills to meet the unique challenges that our nation faces at this time is Senator Ted Cruz. As a Texan, I have observed Sen. Cruz’s performance as our Solicitor General and his consistent performance in representing conservative values. Sen. Cruz is highly intelligent, totally dedicated and fearless in pursuing the safety and security of our nation from all that would do it harm.

In my opinion, Sen. Cruz is the best-qualified candidate from either party to undertake the significant duties and responsibilities of Commander in Chief and President of the United States.


Oliver “Buck” Revell
Former Associate Deputy Director for Investigations
Federal Bureau of Investigation