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      Death of Hitler Announced (1945)

     President Truman Signs Order to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals (1945)

Do Muslim Terrorists Have Anything to do with Islam?

Since his first major speech in Cairo just months into his presidency, President Obama has shown determination to improve relations with the Muslim world. Toward that end, he has stubbornly refused to use the words "radical Islam" or "Islamic terrorists" for even the most heinous attacks by individuals and groups that say they are acting according to their religious beliefs. He will not, for example, refer to the ISIS terrorists as the Islamic State.

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The Jerusalem Post

Another Response to BDS: Israeli and U.S. Law Students Simulating Business Negotiations

Just as many schools are enduring Israel hate weeks, and Jews are lamenting the proliferation of anti-Semitic BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) campaigns, a novel program is being offered for American law students who will travel to Israel for a unique opportunity to participate in an international business negotiations simulation. The students are exposed to the type of real world negotiation conducted by international transactional lawyers; something law schools generally don't teach. Moreover, by engaging with Israeli peers, they experience a cross-cultural immersion that would otherwise not be a part of their education

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Podcast Start-Up Nation for the Humanities

Sovereignty in Exile: The Curious Case of Kiryas Yoel

David N Myers, professor of Jewish history at UCLA, returns to the Tel Aviv Review to explore, with host Gilad Halpern, the Hassidic settlement of Kiryas Yoel, in upstate New York, which offers a unique insight into questions of diaspora and sovereignty.

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2016 Elections

For the Most Comprehensive Perspective on the Presidential Candidates and their Views on Israel:

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