Who is funding BDS on campus?

**  How Rockefeller Brothers Fund and New Israel Funds Use Grant Money to Cover Up Their Role in Fomenting Campus Anti-Semitism  -  RBF provides hundreds of thousands of dollars to a number of organizations that delegitimize the Jewish state and promote the BDS movement, both on and off campus.  These BDS-promoting grantees of the RBF active on American universities include Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)Palestine Legal, and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).  -  Many RBF grantees are deeply involved in myriad anti-Israel activities, either by directly coordinating and participating in them, or by providing training and legal aid to activists.  The RBF has made the waging of economic, political and cultural warfare on Israel a central theme of its grant-making.

From 11/27 QR-  'Hate Spaces' Gives Horrifying Glimpse Into Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Activity on US Campuses  -  Student activism has always centered on freedom, anti-authoritarianism, opposition to oppression of minorities, and support for civil rights, especially free speech.  -  What is happening on campuses is that these principles are being twisted so that the outcome, rather than a reduction in oppression and increased human rights, is the intimidation, marginalization, silencing, and persecution of Jewish and (especially) pro-Israel students.

'Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving' (What ???) Held at Smith College to Protest 'Physical, Psychological Violence of Imperialism' in Israel, America