More evidence: It is the Jews who live in Israel that are the issue

PLO Official, Hanan Ashrawi: Jewish Visits to Temple Mount ‘Will Ultimately Drag Whole Region Into Disastrous Clashes’  -  Okay, now it makes sense.  Forget about ISIS.  Forget about Iran's nuclear weapons program.  Forget about Syrian chemical weapons.  Forget about Turkey and Qatar funding Muslim Brotherhood affiliated terrorists and giving their leaders safe haven.  The disastrous clashes in the Mideast will be because Jews visit their own holiest site ... After all, Jerusalem has been Islam's third holiest site since 1964. -  Thanx for setting me straight, Hanan.  How stupid of me for not figuring it out for myself !!!  

Arab Rioters on Temple Mount Wound Four Police Officers  - No doubt, planned to coincide with the start of Sukkot.  Expect more riots during the coming week.

Netanyahu Said ‘Furious’ Over Lack of Police Response to Low Intensity Terror in Jerusalem  -  It is long overdue that Israeli police stop turning a blind eye.  Allowing low intensity attacks serves to encourage higher intensity attacks.