No matter what your religious preference, or even if you have none, evil leaders

leaders can use any ruse to "fundamentally transform" and decimate a country.

If you are a believer "in God we trust" then continue reading

I know there are some of you that are Democrats, and love Obama, but this is for Christians and Jews first, politics later. I do hope that it doesn't offend anybody but Jesus himself said "The Truth will set you free". The truth of this message, must be recognized and shared to whosoever will listen to the truth.

If you love your Lord first and your politics later, (as it should be) then you will appreciate this message.

If you don't, I'm sorry I misjudged your common sense and commitment to the Lord incorrectly. 

When we get 100,000,000, that's one hundred million willing Christians or Jews or even non believers to Unite together, voice their concerns and vote their convictions, then and only then will we can take back the America we love with God's help.  Become one of the One hundred million...  

Then let's work on uniting the another 200 million people who call America home. It can be done by sharing your conviction verbally and by sending this email to your friends and those you think may be true Patriots in the Judeo Christian Heritage of America. Do the math. It only takes a willing heart and a fed up soul. Here are the historical facts.

May God Bless America and Shine His light on us again... 

In 1952 at a time of unprecedented prosperity in America, President Truman established one day a year as a "National Day of Prayer." 

In 1988 as America emerged as the only Super Power in the World with an economy capable of leading the world, President Reagan Designated the 1st Thursday in May of each year as  “The National Day of Prayer.”  

In June 2007 (then) Presidential Candidate Barack Obama declared that the USA "Was no longer a “Christian nation.”

After becoming President, Barack Obama canceled the 21st annual National Day Of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the ruse  Of "not wanting to offend anyone" 


BUT... On September 25, 2009 From 4 AM until 7 PM, a National Day of Prayer FOR THE MUSLIM RELIGION was Held on Capitol Hill, Beside the White House. There were over 50,000 Muslims In D.C. That day.    


Obviously it did not matter if "Christians" were offended by this event – From his perspective we obviously don 't count as "anyone" anymore.

Now he is encouraging schools to teach the qua-ran for extra credit in schools, at the same time knowing that they cannot even talk about the God of the Bible, or salute the American Flag.

The direction this country is headed should strike fear in the heart of every Christian and Jew, especially knowing that the Muslim religion believes if Christians and Jews cannot be converted, they should be annihilated.