News Update 11/14/14

**  Welcome to the Global Intifada  -   In the past few months there have been, every month, between 10,000 to 15,000 jihad victims, and the absolute majority of them are Muslims.  There are neighborhoods in European cities which are dominated by jihad supporters. They are threatening Ottawa, New York, London and Paris. Those inflaming the situation are not looking for equality, liberation, democracy or freedom.  They want an Islamic caliphate.       

Jihadists Unite  -  ISIS, Al-Qaeda reach accord in Syria.  Better for us infidels when they are busy killing each other.

The Fighters of Iraq Who Answer to Iran  -  Fortunately, Sunni and Shiite are still busy killing each other.

How the Gazan Resistance Manufactures Rockets with Help from Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah  -  Ah, but Sunni and Shiite can overcome their fourteen-century-long hatred, and work together ... against Israel. 

A Turkish Quest to "Liberate" Jerusalem  -  According to (Turkey's Prime Minister) Davutoglu, "Al-Aqsa (mosque in Jerusalem) will one day be liberated.  The Israelis should know that the oppressed Syrians have a protector.  The oppressed Palestinians too have a protector.  That protector is Turkey ... Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is both our first prayer direction, and has been entrusted with us by history."   

**  Why Does the West Give Abbas a Free Pass?  -  Jihad against the West is not okay ... unless it's against Israel (and "The Jew"), then it is okay.  -  Abbas (and his "moderate" Fatah) are at the forefront of the global jihad. 

With Tunnels Being Destroyed, Gaza Returns to Smuggling by Sea 

Arab Road Terrorists Now Using Lasers  -  Trying to elevate terrorism to an art.

The Hidden Hand of ISIS and Its Impact on Palestinian Escalation  -  The message of Islamic awakening, seen in the announcement of the establishment of the Islamic caliphate, embodies the dream of resurrecting the glory days of Islam.   It exerts a strong pull on the Palestinian public, which is traditionally attracted to any force declaring a pretense to liberate Palestine.  -  In the new Middle East, increasingly Islamic in character, the winds of jihad are sweeping the masses.  

**  Palestinian Rioters Launching Fireworks and Firebombs Damage the Al-Aqsa Mosque  -  Because it is so very holy to them !!!  -  Jerusalem became the third holiest site in Islam in 1964, when Arafat's PLO openly stated (in it's still unchanged Charter) that it's goal was the destruction of Israel.  "Jerusalem" is not mentioned, not even once, in the Qur'an.

Toronto’s Ryerson Univ. Passes Motion to Protect Students From Anti-Semitism  -  It is extremely unfortunate that such protective action is necessary.  -  It is a disgrace that very few (American or Canadian) have been willing to intervene on behalf of Jewish students.

US Decides Destroying Arab Terrorists’ Homes Is ‘Counterproductive’  -  Oh, no !!!  That might make Team Obama's Muslim friends angry.  -  By now, anyone with an ounce of objectivity (and with half of a normal IQ) realize that Team Obama's least concern is for Israel's welfare.