News Updates 11/16/14

Guardian Suggests Yasser Arafat Abandoned Terrorism After 1990; Here Are the Facts

Will the Newly Elected Congress Push Obama Into Being Tougher on Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program?  -  Not a snowball's chance in Hell !!!  -  The sellout is already a done deal.  Obama will circumvent Congress with unprecedented executive action.  That's what dictators do.  -  Those of us who were in high school or college in the 1960s, understand what "fundamental transformation" (of America) really means ... America's destruction. 

Obama Desperate for a Deal With Iran   -   Despite statements to the contrary, the Obama administration appears determined to achieve an "agreement" with Iran, and seems willing to breach its repeated undertakings that it would never countenance Iran becoming a nuclear power.  -  Nevertheless, the administration continues to grovel in an effort to appease the Iranians.  

J Street Deceives Supporters After 2014 Election Disaster  -  Oh, no!  You gotta be kidding!  J Street lies?  -  JStreetPAC was a top bundler in the key Senate battlegrounds of New Hampshire, Georgia, Iowa and Colorado, raising an average of over $190,000 each for Jeanne Shaheen, Michelle Nunn, Bruce Braley and Mark Udall ... none of whom would have favorably disposed toward Israel.