Violence in Israel, again:,,

Friends of Israel; Friends of the Jewish People; Friends of Freedom and Liberty:

Words cannot capture the depth of despair that we feel following the murder of the 4 Rabbis and others in the latest terror attack in Jerusalem. The difference between 2014 and 1944, when 550,000 Hungarian Jews, including my relatives, were murdered as the Nazis were in retreat and the US and UK continued to block their entry into the US and Palestine, is ISRAEL! Our people had no arms and did not yet have autonomy our our ancient homeland. Now "the Jew" is Israel, the Jew of nations. Again the world, the UN, the US and many Jews blame Jews for their own murder. Al Jazeera , supported by Qatar, is live on TV all over the world while JBS TV ( is still not available on most cable networks. Please watch online and on TV if you can. I have tried to provide a service by posting the many articles and programs on subjects of importance to those of us who love Israel and those who do not want to live under Sharia law and the continual threat of terror in Israel, the free world and the US. There are many organizations and news outlets that provide us with the opportunity to look beneath the antisemitic headlines of NY Times and other mainstream news outlets to learn the truth. If the Arab/Jewish conflict in Israel was about land, we have enough real estate attorneys to negotiate a settlement. Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI both provide translations of the media of those who state clearly that all of Israel is occupied and no Jewish state should be allowed to exist in the Middle East. To move forward, we must deal with the truth. When we did not believe the Nazis we lost millions of Jews and millions of non-Jews in the Nazi battle against the free world and against morality. We cannot let this happen again. I never met my father's son, murdered when he was about 5 years old with his mom at Auschwitz the week of D-Day. Think of him as you and the 1 1/2 million innocent children killed for the "crime" of having Jewish blood. As Tommy Lapid, a survivor, said at Yad Vashem, we will not build another Yad Vashem for Israelis killed by Iran. Iran is an existential threat to Israel and must be stopped. Just think of what the world would be like now if Iraq had nuclear bombs.

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