News Update: 11/27/14

Shin Bet Busts Hamas Conspiracy  -  Cells based in Turkey were planning wave of coordinated terror attacks.'

Elite IDF Search & Rescue Units to Drill Saving Tel Aviv Skyscraper Dwellers (VIDEO)

Firefight on Gaza Border  -  Terrorists fire on IDF patrol, army retaliates with artillery.

Jordanian Waqf Building Illegally on Temple Mount  -  Flouting Israeli law with no permit or permission.

**  EXPOSED: US Media Outlets Daily Beast and International Business Times Publish False Accusation of Israeli Police ‘Sexually Abusing’ Palestinian Children  -  Before or after we kill them to use their blood for making matzohs? 

US Envoy to Israel Prays at Terrorized Jerusalem Synagogue  -  Thank you.  You are a mench.  But you may be in hot water when the top brass at the State Department "sit you down for a little chat".

Fired Anti-Israel Professor Receives Standing Ovation at Middle East Studies Conference  -  Duh ..

Iran's Supreme Leader Declares Victory  -  'In the nuclear issue, the arrogant have made their best to bring Iran to its knees, but they were not able, and will not be able to do so.' 

IRGC Commander: Iran's Strategic Borders Stretch to Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa  -  Earlier this month, Salami said the country was growing into a world power.  "Today, the regional Iran is turning into a global Iran."  

Dennis Ross: Iran Showed No Flexibility in Nuke Talks  -  Proof that US "diplomats" can eventually learn basic tricks ... begging, rolling over and playing dead, etc.  

Oh, Please  -  Expert denounces AP report that claimed Iran is super-awesome for Jewish citizens.

You couldn't make this up!  -  EU Lawmaker: Israel a 'State of Child Killers and Land Robbers'  -  Then, the Diplomatic Chief of the EU stated that they were ready to play a role in moving the peace process forward !!!

Appeasing Gulf Arab Sponsors, Soccer Giants Real Madrid Remove Cross From Club Logo

**  Birthright Israel Terminates Partnership With Controversial New Israel Fund  -  If you sleep with dogs, you are likely to get fleas.  -  My previous respect for Birthright was without knowledge of their dealings with NIF ... That respect just went down the drain.

Anti-Israel BDS Links Ferguson and Israel

Ferguson Is Our Fault (Or Is It)

**  I Would Have Marched  -  Prominent liberal columnist wanted to protest Ferguson verdict, but anti-Semitism among protesters stopped him.  -  A triumph of reality over misplaced idealism.  

Ferguson in Flames  -  St. Louis (reformed) synagogue provides sanctuary to protesters.  -  Why do these progressive jackasses feel the need to constantly provide comfort to those whose animosity is just one inch below the surface?