News Update 11/5/14

Breaking News: Incitement Pays Off - Another Terrorist Ramming Attack on Jerusalem Light Rail Station  -  One dead, more than a dozen seriously injured.  -  Heroic Palestinian freedom fighter mercilessly shot by bloodthirsty Zionist police. 

**  America Returns to Sanity  -  Voters hand Obama stinging rebuke.  -  But now, for the real danger.  A dictator (with a pen, a phone, a complete disregard for the truth, and an intimidated lapdog media) whose "enemies" control both the House and Senate, will unsparingly use Executive Orders to accelerate his "fundamental transformation" of America.

Susan Rice (Team Pinocchio's National Security? Advisor): Ties With Israel Stronger Than Ever  -  Yes, and she also told us that the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi was due to a YouTube video.

Charming... The same Susan Rice mocks Israeli ambassador, which no doubt, make ties with Israel stronger than ever.  

**  Wow!  -  Obama's Soliciter General tells Supreme Court Israel's possession of Jerusalem is like Russian seizure of Crimea.

Rabbi Glick's Family 'Shocked' at US Silence Over Shooting  -  Yehuda Glick is a US citizen.

PA's Erekat: Jewish Homes in Jerusalem a 'Slap in the Face' to US  -  His concern for America's honor is very touching.

Jordan Recalls Ambassador  -  Blames Israel for wave of Palestinian violence.  -  Last week, the Royal Brat promised that Jordan would safeguard holy Muslim and Christian sites in Jerusalem.  -  Okay, let me get this right. 

Amnesty International's Report on Gaza War Ignores Hamas Terror  -  Surprise!

**  PA Prime Minister: We'll Fight Israel's 'Judaization'  -  Do you really need any further explanation?

US Criticises 'Unfortunate' Decision to Build Homes in Jerusalem  -  Do you really need any further explanation?

Danish FM (while visiting Israel) Condemns Jerusalem Construction  -  Do you really need any further explanation?

Housing Minister Wants 'No Limits from Any Gentile' on Building  -  Israel's Minister of Housing and Construction: "It is time for Jews to build freely throughout the Land of Israel." 

Deputy Mayor: Jerusalem Building Plan 'A Drop in the Bucket'  -  Responding to the American criticism that has accompanied every Jewish construction announcement in the capital, Kalmanovich said of the new building announcement "it is unthinkable that the capital city of Israel needs a building permit from the United States."  -  Note: There are over 40,000 illegal Arab housing units in the capital

ISIS Cell Nabbed Ahead of Morocco, France Attacks  

100 ISIS Fighters Killed in Three Days as Kobane Battle Rages  -  We are very fortunate to have the Kurds (despite how Obama and Erdogan have been selling them out) as allies.

Shiite Muslim Leader Shot by ISIS Supporters in Sydney  -  The fourteen centuries long Sunni / Shiite civil war transcends geographic borders.  -  I'm trying not to be too happy about this one.