The JStreet Wipe-Out

Leftist lobbying group's attempt to divide the pro-Israel community fails resoundingly, as candidates it endorsed go down to defeat

2:44 PM on Thursday, November 6, 2014 - Cheshvan 13, 5775

Not only was the Democratic party resoundingly defeated in Tuesday's U.S. midterm elections, so was the far-Left lobbying group JStreet.

The group, which bills itself as a 'pro-Israel' Jewish lobby, has more or less admitted that its purpose is to divide the Jewish community and shatter the power of pro-Israel groups in order to give President Obama the power to ram anti-Israel policies through a pro-Israel Congress.

Despite protestations otherwise, it has repeatedly supported anti-Israel candidates and policies, failed to defend the Jewish state on numerous occasions, and even lobbied against sanctions on Iran and endorsed a surrender deal with the Islamic republic, whose attitude toward Israel is racist and genocidal.

JStreet went all-out in this year's elections, desperate to salvage its waning reputation and prove its ability to deliver votes for its political allies.

It didn't work. Practically every candidate the group endorsed and financially supported went down to defeat, particularly those JStreet considered most important.

This is especially significant, since, as the Executive Director the Republican Jewish Coalition told the Washington Free Beacon,

"This election cycle included races in which support for Israel was a significant issue. Given the increased tensions between the Obama administration and Israel, these races took on even greater importance," since JStreet is essentially in Obama's pocket.

JStreet, a leading voice in support of President Obama’s pressure tactics on Israel, drew a line in the sand and made a concerted effort to elect like-minded candidates to Congress.

Among the JStreet-endorsed candidates who lost were Mark Udall of Colorado and Bruce Braley of Iowa. The Beacon reports that the two, "received repeated endorsements and cash from J Street." JStreet leaders told their supporters that the group "can’t afford to lose these two races."

They lost.

Another candidate the group endorsed, Nick Rahall of West Virginia, signed a letter attacking Israel for defending itself against Hamas rocket attacks. He lost too.

More disturbingly, JStreet seems to have employed the often-antisemitic "neoconservative" conspiracy theory - originated, ironically, by the antisemitic far-Right - which tends to be used in order to slander any Jew who is vaguely pro-Israel as an evil, scheming warmonger.

Of Udall and Braley, the group said, "If Mark and Bruce don’t have the resources they need in these last few weeks, you can expect their opponents’ dangerous, neoconservative ideas to gain momentum in the Senate."

Another plea described opponents of JStreet-supported candidates: "These guys think they can scare votes their way by borrowing a page from the neoconservative playbook. Will you prove them wrong?"

JStreet's ugly and self-hating rhetoric thankfully failed to turn voters against the Jewish state or against American Jews who support it. In the process, JStreet's attempt to smash the political power of the American Jewish community also failed.

Let's hope American voters keep up the good work.